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Hey guys! It's been a few days since I have last written. I want to make this blog more fun to read by doing tags! Even though I wasn't tagged by another book blogger, I still want to do this. This is the first time I'm doing any tags so I've chosen to do The Beautiful Covers created by Jason Purcell on YouTube.

1. Choose 5 of the most beautiful books in your collection.
This is quite tricky because a lot of beautiful books I love I don't own. I go to the library frequently, so these are the prettiest book covers of the books I actually own. P.S. I haven't gotten A Night in with Audrey Hepburn yet but I've ordered it. So excited!

2. Choose a beautiful book that features your most favourite colour.
My favourite color has always been red, but lately I'm more into pastel colours. So I guess Sara Shepard's Heartless is a perfect example of pastel book covers. 

3. Choose a beautiful book that features your least favourite colour.
My least favourite color is probably the color between purple and grey. The Future of Us's cover is it. Ew. (Good book though.)

4. Choose your favourite cover of a classic.
Rebecca. It's got to be this version of the book, Rebecca. The gothic vibes! The house! Rebecca! Perfect!

5. Choose your favourite cover of a children's book.
Puffin Classics's Hans Christian Andersen's Fairy Tales re-launch is my favourite. So dreamy.

6. Do you often buy books based solely on a beautiful cover?
No, I usually buy the ones I really want to read, but I do make a few exceptions from time to time. A Night in with Audrey Hepburn is one of them.

7. Out of every book that you own, which book best exemplifies your idea of a beautiful book.
The Bone Clocks! I love that kind of illustrations on book covers, and I like books with no models. Fun Fact: My boyfriend actually bought The Bone Clocks for me because he thinks I would love the story AND the book cover!

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