Review: Rick and Morty Vol. 4

Title: Rick and Morty Vol. 4
Authors: Kyle StarksMarc Ellerby
Illustrators: Cj Cannon, Ryan Hill, Katy Farina
Publisher: Oni Press
Pages: 128
Release Date: 28th February 2017
Edition: ebook from NetGalley
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The hit comic book series based on Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland’s hilarious [adult swim] animated show RICK & MORTY continues! Catch up on the adventures of degenerate genius Rick Sanchez and his bumbling grandson Morty as they explore the outer reaches of time, space, and morality. This volume features Eisner award nominated writer Kyle Starks (Sexcastle) in collaboration with series artist CJ Cannon in a three-issue story of interplanetary drug rings and star-traveling pickup artists. Also included is "Rick Burn, Dude," drawn by artist Marc Ellerby, in which Rick and Morty take a germaphobic planet by storm, a totally swole one-shot drawn by Kyle Starks, and hilarious backup comics about the whole family!

*I received a copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.*

This is the first time I've read a comic book without skipping a page. Huge thanks to Oni Press and NetGalley for having the whole book up on their website. I like watching the show Rick & Morty, which my boyfriend is a big fan of. I was curious if the comic book was going to be in sync with the show and found that these comics are stories of another dimension's Rick and Morty. So, they are not related to the show, not really.

Rick and Morty Vol. 4 includes five stories, "The Ricky Horror Peacock Show", "New Rick City", "Desperately Meeseeking Ruin", "Rick Burn, Dude", "Morty Bounce to the Ounce", and some bonus shorts. The first three stories are of the same arc, and the others are not related. All the stories are just as funny, clever and sarcastic as the episodes. I love "Desperately Meeseeking Ruin" the most not just because Mister Meeseeks are back but it's a super cool finale to the arc. As for the shorts, "Jerry Decoy Model" and "T'was The Night Before Rickmas" are my favorites. 

What I love about this comic book is when you get into it, you can hear the voice actors reading the lines in your head and it's amazing. I guess fans of the show will experience the same reading it. I used a bit of time to get used to the illustrations though, since the characters are not drawn 100% like they are on the show. "Morty Bounce to Ounce" is illustrated by the writer Kyle Starks and they are of a different style than the rest of the comic book's. Personally I prefer the later one better.

I highly recommend this to fans of the show, and the advantage of reading it as a fan is that you can start with any volume and not feel odd. For comic lovers who haven't watched a single Rick and Morty episode, it's better to start with Vol. 1 so you can learn about the characters first.


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